Whoops! Nothing like a little 8 a.m. panic to start the day.

8:10 a.m., barage of emails, text messages, and phone calls:

Hello John M.,

This is an emergency message for The Claremont Colleges. There is an emergency situation that requires your immediate action to evacuate the campus. Immediately leave the campus using any means possible by heading South and get to a safe location at least 1 mile in distance. If you are without transportation immediately walk South and if available, emergency transportation will be used to move individuals to a safe location. If transportation does not become available continue walking away from the campus until you have reached at least 1 mile in distance.

I repeat, an emergency has been declared. Please relate this information to affected individuals within your work, classroom, or dorm area immediately and follow the instructions of emergency personnel. Additional information will be provided as soon as possible.

This is not a drill.

Campus Safety

but then…

8:12, another round with the ALL CLEAR, and then later:


This morning during one of our routine emergency exercises we inadvertently sent an evacuation notice. Please note that there was no emergency and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Campus Safety

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2 Responses to Whoops! Nothing like a little 8 a.m. panic to start the day.

  1. John says:

    I am, however, glad to know the system works! (On the other hand, I was not roused out of my bed in a dorm room this morning.)

  2. Becca says:

    Yeah, I’m glad I received all three messages at once.

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